After careful consideration I felt compelled to put this short summary of my take on why the GOP doesn't win in Colorado.

Choosing to run as a candidate is not an easy decision to make. On one hand you feel compelled to make a difference you want to change things. On the other hand it will be a tsunami of disruption in your life. It will impact your freedom, your loved ones, your friends, and your finances. 

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise running for Congress is a deck stacked against you and the GOP is ill equipped to make a tangible difference in this process.

There is a reason that most successful political runs are almost exclusively owned by the rich. The underdog success story is a rare commodity indeed. (This Is Why We Can't Get Great Candidates To Run) They Simply Can not afford it...

After careful consideration of my own political aspirations and a birds-eye view of the GOP support system in Denver Colorado here is my take.

1) The GOP is operating in a vacuum.

2) The GOP is living in the past.

3) The GOP is not attempting to make a real effort to flip Colorado from Blue to Red.

4) The GOP has no valuable poll data. (Meaning extensive poll data not some door to door 3 question data)

5) The GOP has little to no support system for candidates.

6) The GOP has no battle plan that it provides to candidates.

7) The GOP in Colorado does not have enough funding to make a difference.

8) The GOP Caucus community in Denver is weak and ineffective.

9) The GOP does not collect data that would be relevant to winning.

10) The GOP knows they cannot win in  Denver so instead they choose to ignore Denver.

Without deep pockets the likelihood of you winning are nil. There are no local Super Pacs a problem which the GOP seems to think is completely unimportant and has never addressed. 

The GOP has no short or long term strategy to fix any of the above. The only thing they offer is a group of cheerleaders who with their non existent resources,

through no fault of their own,  can only cheer you on from the sideline. (But the grassroots love for you is real)


I want to emphasize there are some great people in the GOP but without capital and complete tool kit you cannot expect them to make a tangible difference. 

The current system will not flip Denver let alone flip the state. If the GOP doesn’t make some serious changes they will never be successful. And Colorado will remain blue.