Our Plan for conservative candidates


The activity and profession of producing advertisements for commercial products and services. We will do all kinds of media and digital marketing and advertising in order to promote our candidates conservative message.


The very meaning of promotion is the publication of a product organization or venture so as to increase sales or public awareness. These are things that are candidates need to win.We are experts at this.To win candidates must arrive in the 21st-century. We will also do publicity campaigns for a particular product organization or venture.

Social Media

It is so very important to produce exciting viral content for social media.The key here is to use the internet platform everywhere to promote the candidates message.By making content that's exciting and not boring will significantly increase the opportunity for the candidates message to be posted and re-post it to the masses.


Our team at I'ma will have boots on the ground distributing Media and Print Media supporting the candidate of our choice this is very important to canvas the neighborhoods physically and digitally with creative media and promotional material to get the voter excited.Also to acquire vans to flood the neighborhoods with mobile billboards of the conservative movement.


Supporters connect with Candidates through communications. We at IMA will not only communicate with the public but we will dominate the airwaves and Internet promoting our candidates a message. At IMA we believe Candidates must resonates with supporters, and work with the media and social media platforms

Digital Strategy

Your campaign has to be where your voters are: online. Weed will list all conservitive candidates we are promoting on our website in conjunction with effectively using social media to share your message and connect with constituents, and move your supporters to action via email platforms